9 Ideas for a Wild One Birthday Party

There are so many fun birthday party themes out there, but when you’re celebrating your little one’s first birthday party, it’s a big deal. Celebrate with a wild one birthday party that’s a little bit tribal, a little bit outdoorsy but a little bit on the wild side.

Wild and Wonderful Decor

There are many directions you can go with decorations for a wild one birthday party – you can follow the theme of the Where the Wild Things Are book, it can be inspired by teepees and tribal patterns, or it can pull in forest and woodland animal themes. We like the idea of taking a little bit of inspiration from each of those to create a party that is truly one of a kind.

Perfectly hosted in your home or your backyard, this theme is filled with fun details. Guests are greeted with a rustic wood sign welcoming them to the party as they’re led inside to a space adorned with greenery and woodland details.

Use greenery throughout the space in your decorating. Large leaves from tropical plants are perfect for placing underneath plates and platters full of treats – they are a simple way to add some decor to your tables. Greenery garland made from eucalyptus and fern stems are perfect for lining the tables for impactful decor, and hand lettered wooden signs for different areas of the party add a rustic touch. Ferns potted in containers are perfect for placing around the room for extra green pops. Add in a little more color with teal balloons or colorful garlands made with geometric shapes.

The decorations will set the scene for the little ones to have tons of fun celebrating the birthday boy.

Silly Snacks

Have fun with the food for this wild one birthday party!

Your snacks can be as inspired by nature as the rest of your party – forest berries are delicious when they are in gummy treat form, and pretzel ‘twigs’ are even more delicious when they have a fun name.

A trail mix bar is a perfect, interactive treat and party favor – guests can fill party bags with different nuts, chocolates, dried berries and other treats for a snack they can take with them when they leave.

When it comes time to decide on the cake, let that be inspired by your theme as well! A simple naked cake with frosting between layers of yellow cake is the perfect way to celebrate your little wild one. Add a few woodland creatures and a tiny little pennant banner to the top of the cake – they’re an easy way to dress up this simple layer cake.

With snacks inspired by nature, your guests will have even more fun at your wild one birthday party.

Entertaining Adventures

Keep the kids busy with lots of games at your wild one birthday party. With activities for kids of every age, everyone is sure to have a fun time.

For the littlest wild ones, set up an area with age appropriate toys – a little ball pit to play in, a blanket with lots of books about animals to read and lots of blocks to build with.

You can have lots of fun activities for the kids who are a little bit older. Set up crafting stations with stamps, scissors, construction paper and other supplies for kids to build their own set of wild animal ears to wear during the party. A teepee lounge is a perfect place to take a little rest, and a special scavenger hunt around the yard is a great way to keep them entertained while everyone celebrates the little one.

With the perfect decor, food and activities, you’ll have so much fun celebrating your little one’s first birthday with a wild one first birthday party!

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