9 Ideas for a Rustic Girl’s Nursery

Planning and decorating a nursery is one of the most fun things about preparing for baby. And because you get to make all of the decisions on how to decorate their space (at least until they’re old enough to have an opinion!), why not make it an extension of your own personal style?

If you love rustic farmhouse design and are planning out space for a little girl, bring your favorite design style into her room with vintage and rustic details. Today we’re sharing 9 ideas for a rustic girl’s nursery.

A Classic Color Palette

Wondering where to begin? Start with favorite decor piece and pull inspiration from that, or go with a classic color palette for this rustic girl’s nursery. Ivory paint and gray or a ash stained wood give the room a rustic feel, while rose and pale pinks come together for the details of the space.

Crisp clean walls are the perfect backdrop for rustic inspired furniture – ash brown wood changing table, shelving and dresser pop against the ivory walls. The room will be ready for your little girl with a few pops of pink in the bedding, pillows and accessories.

Farmhouse Inspired Signage

Farmhouse inspired signs with sweet quotes on them are growing in popularity and it’s no surprise why – they’re perfect for adding a little personality to your decor. Your little one’s room the perfect place for a few inspiring quotes about growing up and being loved by mom and dad.

With a white background, dark text and an ash brown frame, this artwork will match your color palette perfectly and when paired with a few other hanging shelves and framed pieces, they’ll stand out nicely on the ivory walls.

Perfect Furniture Pieces

A rustic nursery has a distinct style – it’s a little bit shabby chic with a little vintage or antique feel to it. When you’re choosing furniture for this space, keep that in mind.

A Jenny Lind style crib has a vintage feel that would be perfect in this space. Pair the white crib with some pink bedding for an adorable place for her to lay her head.

A button-back chair or loveseat is another great piece for this rustic girl’s nursery. The ivory color of the fabric fits nicely with the color palette and it will be a great place for you to rest and play with baby.

Have your shelving feel rustic too! Pallet wood shelves are perfect for books and trinkets, and geometric shelving made out of a medium darkness wood look great above the changing table.

With some basic furniture pieces and vintage style touches here and there, you can have the perfect rustic nursery for your little girl!

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