9 Ideas for a Retro Kid’s Room

The mid-century modern style has taken the design world by storm, and details from this era are spilling into every room of the house – especially into nurseries and kid’s rooms. Today we’re sharing 9 ideas for designing a retro kids room of your own.

The Color Palette

The saturated colors in the 50’s and 60’s were easily found in everything from the furniture to the kitchen appliances, so including them in your little one’s retro room is a must – they’re the best part of the entire design!

Olive green and deeply saturated golds are must-haves in this space. Include these colors in the furniture and the decor (almost any piece of retro artwork you find for this space will include these colors as well) so incorporating them won’t be hard!

More kitschy colors like salmon and mint green are great for this retro kid’s room as well. Again, add these colors into the space in the furniture and accessories – blankets, rugs and wall prints are all wonderful ways to include them.

And don’t forget orange! A vibrant but earthy orange color added in is the perfect finishing touch for a retro kid’s room.

Retro Furniture

It seems that there is a never ending supply of retro inspired kid’s furniture right now – cribs, bed frames, dressers and chairs all have mid-century versions that will compliment this space well.

Look for pieces with bright colors from the era, hairpin legs, and teak or mahogany pieces that will fit in this retro kid’s room. When you pair colored furniture pieces with stained wood pieces you’ll have a mix and match space that perfectly fits this fun era.

Details + Accessories for a Retro Kid’s Room

Looking to dress up the walls? Consider wallpaper! The mid-century era had the best wallpaper patterns with lots of color and design. Add wallpaper to one wall to create visual interest  – choose a pattern that fits with the colors of the furniture and accessories.

There are a few other staples that every retro kid’s room should have. A vintage globe is one of them! FInd one at your favorite antique store and set it on the wardrobe or dresser. Another staple – retro wall art! From dinosaurs to botanical prints and maps, these pieces can be found online and are the perfect addition to your retro space.

As long as you include lots of colors and great patterns, this mix and match retro kid’s room will be one of your favorite rooms in the house!

Retro Kid's Room

Retro Kid's Room Colors

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