9 Ideas for a Neon Nursery

Design a nursery that’s as bright as your little one’s future – with fun neon accents!

Design a nursery that’s as bright as your little one’s future – with fun neon accents! Today we’re sharing 9 ideas for a neon nursery that will bring life to your baby’s room.

Bright + Light

The wonderful thing about neon accents in a nursery is the amount of bright color it can bring to an otherwise ordinary space. When planning out your neon nursery, start with clean white walls and bright white furniture pieces – it’ll be the perfect backdrop for the bright colors to come.

Instead of doing all neon accent pieces, mix in some pastels as well. The softness of the pastel and the brightness of the neon work well together to create a fun space that’s not too overdone. Pair bright yellows with light teals, hot pinks with soft yellows and bright blues with a neutral beige.

For a bit of extra impact add in some black accents to really make the neon pop!

Geometric + Brush Stroke

Because a neon nursery is bold and graphic, it’s okay to add some other bold and graphic prints and patterns to the room.

One fun trend to include would be brush stroked bedding, which adds a modern and handmade feel to the space. Neon swashes of paint on pillows is a great way to mix and match pieces and add in some pops of color.

Another trend to include – geometrics. Again, adding in some graphic shapes on pillows and bedding is one way to incorporate the geometrics trend, but you can also do it in your decor – rectangular or triangular floating shelves add a geometric touch in a practical and useful way, and in wall art is another simple way to add some shape and pattern to this neon nursery

Great Type for a Neon Nursery

A neon nursery wouldn’t be complete without some fun typography – that’s what makes neon signs so interesting! Incorporate some bold text in your wall art and decor – a fun ‘hello’ sign will welcome baby, and a cute, handwritten ‘hello world’ bib will bring some fun into baby’s wardrobe.

For your walls, incorporate some bright prints or a neon (or neon inspired) light. A cactus shaped light, a marquee light with little round bulbs or a print made to look like a neon heart are perfect pieces for a gallery wall for little one.

A neon nursery is a fun way to decorate your baby’s room for a bright space for them them to spend their days.


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