9 Ideas for a Mermaid Nursery

If you love beach-inspired design, deep jewel tones and mermaids, then today’s nursery theme is perfect for you. Today we’re sharing 9 ideas for a mermaid nursery.

Colors and Patterns

Pick the perfect color palette and patterns for your little one’s mermaid nursery.

For the color palette, be inspired by the colors of the ocean. Deep turquoise is a wonderful base color for a mermaid room, and adding in shades of coral and teal create a cohesive color palette. For a touch of shimmer, add in gold or rose gold accents in the decor and accessories.

Patterns for a mermaid nursery add in some fun movement for your little one’s room. A scalloped pattern on the walls or in the furniture creates the illusion of mermaid tail scales, and colorful sea scenes, like coral, are great accents to the room.

Once you have your colors and patterns decided on, your little one’s mermaid nursery will be ready for decorating.

Decorating Your Mermaid Nursery

Because of the rising popularity in mermaid decor, you shouldn’t have any problem outfitting this mermaid nursery.

A plush rug in the center of the nursery is the perfect way to bring some warmth to the room. Choose a rug with a coral pattern to bring some life to the space.

You can add in mermaid inspired pillows and blankets to the rocking chair and crib to add some coziness – you can never have too many blankets or throw pillows to move around the room!

Rattan belly baskets come in handy for storing toys and blankets. The baskets bring a beachy feel to the room and offer functionality as well. Mix and match sizes and styles for a look that seems pulled together but not too stuffy.

Add some life to your windows with ombre curtains that match your color palette – the fading perfectly mimics the ocean and add some drama to this mermaid nursery. And don’t forget the walls!

And don’t forget the walls! Fill the walls with mermaid and beach inspired decor too. Nicely framed quotes, cute hooks and DIY wall art are all great additions to the nursery and will give your little baby mermaid something to look at while she’s being changed or drifting off to sleep.

A mermaid nursery is the perfect way to bring deep colors and whimsical decor together into a wonderful space for your little one.

9 Ideas for a Mermaid Nursery | Corner Stork Baby Gifts

Mermaid Nursery Colors | 9 Ideas for a Mermaid Nursery | Corner Stork Baby Gifts

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