9 Ideas for a Camp Inspired Nursery

Summer camp is a favorite memory for many people, and the ‘happy camper’ trend is bringing back the nostalgia of childhood summers. Relive the memories all year long with a camp inspired nursery for your little one.

Plaid and Woodgrain Patterns

Classic patterns play a big part in this camp inspired nursery – buffalo plaid and woodgrain can be used interchangeably in everything from onesies to crib sheets to wallpaper. They both add a pop or pattern into the space and lend themselves well to the camping feel of the nursery.

Wall Prints Galore

Browse Pinterest for ten minutes and you’ll find countless camp inspired prints for your little one’s walls. With everything from “Happy Camper” to “Be Brave”, your babe will grow up inspired by the wall decor in his room. Mix and match messages, textures, frames and styles on a gallery-type wall above his changing table to create a look that is perfect for this camp inspired nursery.

A Room that Grows with your Little One

The great thing about a camp inspired nursery is that it easily grows with your child. Change out the crib for a tee-pee inspired toddler bed, and add in toys that are more interactive as your child grows. Because it’s not a baby-geared theme, you’ll have an easy time transition this look from baby to toddler and beyond.


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