8 Creative and Adorable Baby Halloween Costumes

Halloween is the most magical time of the year for little kids. They get to dress up as princesses or their favorite superheroes and trawl the neighborhood for treats.

You may be asking yourself, “When should I introduce my kid to Halloween?” Honestly, you can start right away. And, to help you get in the mood, we compiled our eight favorite baby Halloween costumes. They’re creative and adorable–perfect for your little one.

1. Carl From UP

Up was one of the most touching Pixar movies. You can make it cute by dressing up your little guy as Carl, the curmudgeonly main character. This is perfect for a baby that’s still pretty new to walking.

Baby Halloween Costumes: Up

2. A Pretty Princess

Inside every girl is a little princess! With a headband tiara, frilly tutu and “jewels” around her neck, she’ll be ready for trick-or-treating in her baby princess layette.

Baby Princess | Corner Stork Baby Gifts

3. Clark Kent

Superheroes are a dime a dozen. Why not go with a secret identity instead? This Clark Kent costume features just a peak of Superman’s costume beneath.

Baby Halloween Costumes: Clark Kent

4. A Sailor

Your little man will be ready for adventures in this outfit! This baby sailor layette is not only adorable but also comfy.

Baby Sailor | Corner Stork Baby Gifts

5. An Oompa Loompa

Nevermind dressing your little one as Willy Wonka. It’s all about the Oompa Loompas.

Baby Halloween Costumes: Oompa Loompa

6. A Turtle

What if your baby can’t even walk yet? Even if she can’t crawl, this turtle costume is a good choice. How cute!

Baby Halloween Costumes: Turtle

7. A Cheerleader

Are you a big football fan? Dress baby up in a baby cheerleader layette, complete with a sweet skirt and pink bow headband.

Baby Cheerleader | Corner Stork Baby Gifts

7. A Mouse

Another good choice for the non-walker is this mouse and mousetrap costume. Make it on a wagon and you can tow her around the neighborhood on Halloween night.Baby Halloween Costumes: Mouse

Which costume is your favorite?