7 Wonderful Year Round Gift Ideas

So many baby gifts are tailored to just one season or holiday. Sure, Christmas, Hanukkah, and Easter gifts are cute, but they won’t work for a summer birthday. Sometimes you don’t even need a special holiday to give the baby in your life something they’ll love. Skip the seasonal-themed gifts and try some of these year-round gift ideas. They work for any time of year and will make any baby happy!

1. Noah’s Ark Gift Set

This Noah’s Ark gift set comes with items that are both adorable and useful. The parents will appreciate the lamb pacifier clip so they never have to go scrambling on the floor to find a dropped paci. The set also comes with a pair of lamb socks and a white bib that says “Two by Two.”

Noah's Ark Gift Set

2. Unicorn Plush and Blanket

Baby needs something both cuddly and adorable to snuggle with. That’s where this unicorn plush and blanket comes in. The set comes with a super soft pink baby blanket and the cutest plush unicorn that baby will love holding at every chance. The duo works great for a unicorn or magical creature-themed nursery.

Unicorn Plush Plus Baby Blanket

3. Shark-Themed Bath Gift Set

Bath time helps create a special bonding moment for mommy and baby. Why not go the extra mile and help make that time even more special with a darling robe to dry off baby? This shark-themed gift set comes with a shark hooded towel, bath mitt, and spa slippers. Baby will feel all snugly and squeaky clean, and mommy will be grateful for this sweet gift set.

Let the Fin Begin Shark Set

4. Woodland Fox Bottle Buddy

Baby will love snuggling with this cute woodland fox bottle buddy while holding their bottle. The 3-D fox makes holding the bottle more enjoyable for baby overall. Baby can squish the foxes belly or wiggle its arms and legs. If you’ll be feeding baby a bottle before nap time, the cozy green velour sleeve will help soothe baby into a sweet slumber. Plus, foxes are just plain adorable.

Fox Bottle Buddy

5. “Welcome to My Crib” Pillow

Perhaps the nursery needs a snazzy decoration for the crib or rocking chair. Pun-lovers will enjoy this soft decorative pillow. The words “Welcome to My Crib” are sewn into the pillow, making it look a bit fancier. In addition, you can even reuse this pillow in baby number two or three’s nursery room when and if the time comes!

Welcome to my Crib Pillow

6. “Little Explorer” Globe Bank

Speaking of the nursery, there’s always space on the bookshelves for something amazing. If it’s a travel-inspired nursery, add this “Little Explorer” globe bank to the shelves. This bank grows with baby so they can keep their spare change in there over the years. Maybe, it can eventually go toward a trip to a theme park!

Globe Bank

7. Anchor Bookends

Of course, the books on that bookshelf or going to need a fun way to stand up tall. Anchor bookends work great in nautical or sea-inspired nurseries. Make the gift extra special by adding some children’s books that were favorites when you were a kid.

Anchor Bookends