7 New Summertime Apps for your Children

Its summertime and your little ones are probably looking for new ways to stay entertained.  If you have an iPad or tablet and you love looking for new apps to download, check out these 7 new apps for children that might just help ease your never ending search to keep your kids busy this summer.

1. Sesame Street- Potty Time with Elmo

Is your toddler having a hard time adopting the potty concept?  Well, this app could be of great assistance to you! If you are looking for some help with teaching your child to use the potty, why not let Elmo take the wheel? This fun app created by Sesame Street is filled with songs, stories and sticker charts to help teach your child to use the potty.


2. Lazoo- Squiggles

Let your little artist draw until his heart is content—without the need for any supplies or the use of any messy markers, pens, or paints.  This unique program allows your child to draw on their own personal faux canvas.  The app can also bring their drawings to life at just the touch of a button.


3. SeeMail

This new audio technology allows you or your child to take snapshots with your tablet’s camera and attach a personal voice clip to go along with it.  Your child will just love the idea of sending a photo of themselves, or a snapshot they have artistically taken to a family member or loved one with their voice message (or song!) to go along with it.


4. FarFaria

You and your little one can catch up on all of your favorite classic kid’s tales with this new app.  FarFaria offers an extensive collection of children’s stories for children from the ages of two to nine.  Not to mention there are three new stories that are added to the online library every week!


5. Gazzili World

If you like the idea of summer school then you will love providing this app for your child.  Gazzili World is full of educational apps to keep your child learning even during the downtime.  There are problem solving activities with colors, shapes, and all sorts of games that will teach your children the basics while keeping them entertained and interested in learning.


6. Band-Aid- Magic Vision

With this interesting app created by Band-Aid company your child will remain entertained by their favorite crazy dancing Muppets like Kermit, Miss Piggy, and Gonzo.


7. Doodle.ly

Doodle.ly offers a virtual sketch pad that allows your child to draw and color in all sorts of creative ways.  Not only will they enjoy the endless possibilities of this virtual sketchpad, but they can put their works of art on display by easily uploading their finished product to any social media website.


So, before you pack up for that trip across the country to visit grandma and grandpa this summer, download any or all of these creative apps to help preserve your sanity and keep your children happy!