7 Gender Neutral Nursery Ideas You’ll Love

While some parents are thrilled to deck out their nurseries in the traditional pinks or blues for their incoming baby, not everyone is so inclined. Perhaps you would rather have a gender neutral nursery. Maybe it’s because you won’t know the gender of the baby until its delivered, but you still want to prepare his or her room. Or maybe you know the gender, but you’re sick of the pink and blue color palettes. Either way, there are some cute gender neutral nurseries out there you’ll love. And no, your nursery doesn’t have to be covered in gray.

1. A Crisp White Color Scheme

If you’re not too afraid of getting the place dirty, deck out your nursery all in white. This is a new trend that has everyone in a tizzy. It looks chic and magazine worthy. Best of all, it avoids all those gendered colors.

Gender Neutral Nursery: White


Jillian Harris

2. The Teddy Bear Bank

Need something to go with that white nursery? This white bear, with his jaunty little silver crown, will fit right in. He’s a bank, so you can use it for your change or for your kid’s own bank as they grow older. Even if you’re not going for a white nursery theme, the white and silver are chic enough to fit in with just about any nursery design.

Gender Neutral Nursery: Bear Bank

3. A Bright Accent Color

You’ve probably heard that yellow nurseries are in right now. After all, yellow is a bright, happy color that can work with any gender. You don’t have to deck out the whole room in this sunny shade, though. Pick a few accent items, like a fun chair or light fixture, to add some pops of color.

Gender Neutral Nursery: Yellow

Design In Vogue

4. The Gray Bunny Lovie

Maybe you’re a fan of the classic gray gender neutral nursery. Pick up one of these gray bunny plush lovies. Drape it over the rocking chair when your baby isn’t cuddling with it. That way, it does double-duty as both a decor item and your baby’s new favorite blanket.

Gender Neutral Nursery: Bunny Blanket

5. A Travel Theme

Rather than focusing on the gender of your new arrival, pick a non-gendered theme for your nursery. Whether it’s a circus, zoo or hot air balloon theme, you’ll have plenty of ways to decorate the room. For instance, this travel-themed room features a sailboat, compass and location-themed wall hangings.

Gender Neutral Nursery: Travel

Ricky Stern Photography

6. The Penguin Buddy

If you’re going with an animal theme, pepper in some plush animal buddies for your baby. This penguin is wearing bloomers, making it the second most adorable thing in the room. The first? That’s your baby!

Gender Neutral Nursery: Penguin

7. A Nursery That Can Grow

The biggest problem with a pink or blue nursery is that it’ll only look cute for a few years. Once your baby gets older, they probably won’t want that kind of room. Instead, decorate your room so that it can grow easily with your child. Avoid bright colored walls that you’ll just have to paint over later. Pick furniture that can be used for years to come.

Gender Neutral Nursery: Furniture

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