7 Easter Baby Gifts That’ll Warm Your Heart

Easter is fast-approaching and it’s time to consider the little one in your life. Perhaps you’re looking for presents for your baby’s first Easter. Or maybe you’re attending an Easter-themed baby shower and need to give something appropriate for the occasion. Either way, we have ideas for all your adorable, pastel needs. Get ready for bunnies, lambs and Easter baby gifts that will be cherished for years to come.

1. Bunny Plush and Matching Socks

Of course, the baby of the hour needs a plush bunny of his very own. This is Easter after all! Bailey the bunny is soft and gray with snuggly, floppy ears. The gift even comes with a set of three pairs of baby socks. They feature gray patterns to match the baby boy’s new favorite stuffed animal.

Easter Baby Gifts: Plush Bunny

2. Bunny Bath Wrap

After she gets out of the bath all fresh and clean, mom and dad can wrap her up in this soft bunny bath wrap. This cute little wrap is a picture opportunity waiting to happen. Don’t forget to show her photos of her in this bunny wrap when she’s a teenager.

Easter Baby Gifts: Bunny Bath Wrap

3. Personalized Easter Bunny Plate

Kids leave out cookies and milk for Santa on Christmas Eve, but what about the Easter Bunny? Rather than cookies, kids can leave out carrots for their favorite fluffy bunny. Get them this Easter Bunny plate for the occasion. It’s customizable so you can put the names of all the kids in the household.

Easter Baby Gifts: Easter Bunny Plate

4. Lamb Lovie

Sometimes a baby just needs something cute and soft to cuddle up with. Perhaps he’ll fall in love with this lamb lovie, carrying it around with him wherever he goes. It even has a rattle inside the lamb’s head and a cross applique at one corner.

Easter Baby Gifts: Lamb Lovie

5. Pink Bunny Lovie

Are lambs not your baby’s style? Then a bunny lovie is the ticket. This pink bunny has long, fluffy fur, making it easy to grab and hold. Mr. Bunny comes with a bow tie and the attached blanket has satin trim.

Easter Baby Gifts: Bunny Lovie

6. “My Snuggle Bunny” Personalized Book

Some kids just love story time. Make it extra special by including the little one in the book. The “My Snuggle Bunny” book is personalized. You provide details like the baby’s name and birthday and she’ll be a part of her favorite Easter-themed book.

Easter Baby Gifts: Bunny Book

7. Little Lamb Diaper Cake

Want to give the family something big and useful? This diaper cake is perfect for an Easter baby shower. In addition to 50 diapers, it also comes with a baby manicure set, shower items and cute little toys. Best of all, it’s topped with a lamb plush and a cuddly security blanket.

Easter Baby Gifts: Lamb Diaper Cake