7 Diaper Bags That Will Make Mom’s Life Easier

If life was like the movies, moms could get away with just carrying a diaper or two in their purses when on-the-go with the little ones. In real life, it’s not so simple. You never know how many diapers you’ll go through. You also might need diaper cream, wipes, powder or even some toys and snacks to keep your baby busy.

Diaper bags are a must. They need to be practical, but it also doesn’t hurt if they’re super fashionable. Check out these 7 new diaper bags that are both stylish and functional.

1. Damask Diaper Caddy

The plus side to a diaper caddy, as opposed to a zippered diaper bag, is everything is right there at your fingertips. This one has a pretty black, white and yellow damask design.

Diaper Bags: Damask Diaper Caddy

2. Aztec Deluxe Diaper Bag

In addition to lots of helpful pockets, the Aztec diaper bag also comes with a zippered pouch and changing pad.

Diaper Bags: Aztec Deluxe

3. Colorful Chevron Diaper Caddy

With pockets lining the sides of this colorful chevron diaper caddy, you hopefully won’t lose that baby powder anymore.

Diaper Bags: Chevron Caddy

4. Rainbow Chevron Deluxe Diaper Bag

The rainbow chevron diaper bag has a strap that’s both adjustable and removable, so how you carry it is up to you.

Diaper Bags: Chevron Deluxe

5. Personalized Initial Diaper Tote

Tote bags are super trendy right now, and this one is made even more special because you can have it personalized with your (or your baby’s) initial.

Diaper Bags: Initial Diaper Tote

6. Pink White and Blue Diaper Bag

This colorful striped diaper bag is sleek and streamlined. It’s perfect for moms who find the duffle bag-style diaper bags too bulky and hard to carry.

Diaper Bags: Striped

7. Navy Striped Diaper Bag

Love all things nautical? This navy and white striped diaper bag is perfect for moms who live near the beach.

Diaper Bags: Navy Striped