7 Christmas Books and Other Holiday Gifts for Kids

Kids love Christmas; it’s a fact. So why not get the kids something they can cherish for a lifetime? Whether it’s their first Christmas or they are old enough to set out cookies for Santa, we love these holiday gifts for kids!

1. Snowman Storybook

What kid doesn’t love snowmen? Well, now your child can read a story where he or she is the star! The Magical Snowman book book is personalized and features his or her name throughout making them feel extra special!

Holiday Gifts: Snowman Storybook

2. Personalized Christmas Book

Snowmen are all well and good, but sometimes you want something specifically about Christmas. This personalized Very Merry Christmas book is just the ticket. Just like the one above, your child will become the center of this book!

Holiday Gifts for Kids: Christmas Book

3. Christmas Bear Book

Not only is this personalized Christmas Bear book a fun choice, but you can also make it special by giving a teddy bear to go along with the book. Your child will truly feel like the book has come to life!

Holiday Gifts for Kids: Christmas Bear Book

4. Holiday Plaid Pajamas

Every kid needs that special pair of pajamas to wear the night before Christmas. This cozy plaid get-up with keep him both warm and dapper as he waits for the big morning. Plus, he will look picture-perfect for all of your Christmas morning photos!

Holiday Gifts for Kids: Plaid Pajamas

5. First Christmas Plate

Is this baby’s first Christmas? Then get him or her a plate to commemorate the occasion! It’s not only practical, but also something you can hold on to as a keepsake for years to come.

Holiday Gifts for Kids: First Christmas Plate

6. Cookies for Santa Plate

Baking cookies for Santa is a special tradition for most families. Get your little ones a special plate with their names on it and it’ll become a staple piece in your annual Christmas traditions.

Holiday Gifts for Kids: Cookie Plate

7. Charm Bracelet

A charm bracelet is an elegant and understated Christmas gift. You can get your little one’s name carved right on the charm. Even if they don’t fully appreciate the gift right now, you can be sure that one day they will!

Holiday Gifts for Kids: Charm Bracelet