6 Snuggly Baby Blankets and Loveys You’ll Love

Baby blanket’s are the perfect shower gift that will often become a well-loved treasure for years. When baby grows up, blankets are often stored in  keepsake boxes as a remembrance of childhood.We have rounded up so of the most incredibly adorable and comfy baby blankets out there that are sure to be a hit with mom-to-be!

1. Giraffe Lovey

The giraffe print is gender-neutral so it’ll work for any baby. If they have a zoo animal nursery room theme, then you’re set.

Baby Blankets: Giraffe Baby Blanket

2. Classic Cable Knit Blanket

You can’t go wrong with classic cable knit blanket! This blanket features a classic blue and beige color scheme and comes with a  sweet teddy bear rattle.

3. Pink Teddy Bear Lovey

Then again, you might want a pink baby blanket for the little girl. This one features a white blanket with pink satin trim and a fluffy teddy bear.There’s a blue version of the teddy bear blanket for the boys, too.

Baby Blankets: Pink Teddy Baby Blanket

4. Blue Cow Baby Blanket

This baby gift set, which comes with a convenient satin hanger, features a large blue and white star blanket with a matching cow lovey for the baby boy.

Baby Blankets: Blue Cow Baby Blanket

5. Pink Baby Blanket with Lovey

Or if the new baby is a girl, choose the adorable pink lamb blanket set instead. TBoth blanket and lovey are light pink with dark pink stars and light pink satin trim.

Baby Blankets: Pink Lamb Baby Blanket


6. My First Baby Blanket

Sometimes you want to give the newborn something extra special. This blanket, comes in a keepsake box with a “My First Blanket” gift tag. It comes in both pink and blue.

Baby Blankets: My First Baby Blanket

Which one is your favorite baby blanket?