6 Keepsake Gifts for Baby

Before you know it, your new baby will be hitting milestone after milestone. In the first year alone, she’ll be crawling for the first time, eating solid foods and may even be saying her first words. While practical baby gifts are always necessary–and parents can never get enough diapers and bibs–sometimes you want to give a gift that can last a lifetime. In that case, reach for keepsake gifts. These presents celebrate milestones, prepare for the future and chronicle the first few years of the family’s new addition.

Need some inspiration? We’ve compiled some of the best keepsake gifts for baby. Add these to a big baby shower gift basket or wrap them on their own. Either way, the new parents will love it.

1. Baby Handprint and Footprint Frame

Babies grow at a rapid rate, so parents often create a handprint and footprint of their little one to remember the first few weeks or months. Some hospitals even do this before the parents take the baby home. This frame, housing the baby’s hand and footprints, will hang in the nursery for all to see.

Keepsake Gifts for Baby: Hand and Footprints

2. Baby Age Blocks

As baby ages, parents may want to capture their little one as he grows. These age blocks make a perfect prop for picture time. The numbered blocks let you savor the days, weeks and months of the first years of his life. The changes from one month to the next will be amazing.

Keepsake Gifts for Baby: Blocks

3. Baby Photo Album

New parents will need a fun place to put all of those cute photos! This baby photo album comes not only with a keepsake book, but also with an adorable caterpillar made of a bib, hat and blanket. It comes in both blue and pink.

Keepsake Gifts for Baby: Photo Album

4. First Curl and First Tooth Set

Are the parents sentimental? If so, they’ll love this first curl and first tooth set. They can save the very first curl and, in a few years, baby’s first tooth, in these containers. The giraffe and elephant go well with an animal, zoo or circus-themed nursery.

Keepsake Gifts for Baby: First Curl and First Tooth

5. Baby Cross Bracelet

This bracelet is the perfect choice for baby’s baptism. The baby bracelet features cultured pearls and a delicate silver cross. It comes with a pretty keepsake box so it can be displayed when not being worn. Perhaps your gift will be the first baby bracelet she’ll get, making it even more special.

Keepsake Gifts for Baby: Baby Bracelet

6. Castle Bank

This castle bank fits right in for a princess-themed or fairy tale nursery. Mom and dad can add coins whenever they have some spare change. As the baby gets older, she can use this to learn the value of a good savings.

Keepsake Baby Gifts: Castle Bank