6 Holiday-Themed Baby Shower Gifts

Attending a holiday-themed baby shower? Or maybe you know the baby will be born in the latter half of the year. In that case, tailor your presents to the occasion and choose holiday-themed baby shower gifts. You’ll be helping create lasting memories for Christmas and Hanukkah for years to come.

1. Reindeer Towel Set

Not only does this towel set come in the shape of a reindeer, but it also comes with a hood. The little one will be snuggly and adorable at the same time.

Holiday-themed Baby Shower Gifts: Reindeer Towels

2. Christmas Gift Box

This gift set has everything a Christmas baby might need. The striped outfit is nice and warm and even comes with a Santa hat. Come dinnertime, wrap the bib, with tie, around his neck for a fancy little outfit for the special occasion.

Holiday-themed Baby Shower Gifts: Christmas Set

3. Matching Bow Ties

Everyone will be talking about this bow tie set. The holiday plaid comes in a big size for daddy and a small size for junior. So cute!

Holiday-themed Baby Shower Gifts: Bow Ties

4. Reindeer Outfit

What about bedtime? You could get baby this adorable reindeer pajama outfit. It even comes with a bib.

Holiday-themed Baby Shower Gifts: Reindeer Outfit

5. Personalized Snowman Ornament

What if you want to get something small to add to the more practical baby shower gifts you’re purchasing? A personalized Christmas ornament would certainly do the trick!

Holiday-Themed Baby Shower Gifts: Snowman Ornament

6. Personalized Hanukkah Plate

The holidays aren’t just about Christmas. If the little one is Jewish, you could give him this personalized Hanukkah plate! Potato latkes will taste delicious on it!

Holiday-Themed Baby Shower Gifts: Hanukkah Plate