6 Baby Gifts You Didn’t Know You Could Personalize

You want to get the new parents something special for the baby shower. Sure, you could go the traditional route with a baby blanket, but what about something a bit different? Check out these unique gifts that can also be personalized.

1. Personalized Baby Golf Club

If Mom of Dad is a golf-lover, then this personalized baby golf club is a must. You can add the baby’s name, birth date, weight and length, making it a good gift for right after he’s born.

Baby Gifts: Golf Club

2. Personalized Steppy Stool

Not only does this steppy stool also function as a cute little chair, you can personalized is with the baby’s name.

Baby Gifts: Steppy Stool

3. Personalized 3-Peg Shelf

The new parents will want something for the nursery’s wall. This 3-peg shelf features the baby’s name and your choice of painted design.

Baby Gifts: Shelf

4. Personalized Teddy Bear

The baby is going to have a lot of stuffed animals, but this personalized teddy bear will be extra special.

Baby Gifts: Teddy Bear

5. Personalized Toy Block

Yes, you can even personalize a wooden block. Add information like the birth date and weight.

Toy Block

6. Personalized Storybook

Not only does this storybook allow you to add in the baby’s name, it also uses the baby’s hair color, hometown, pet and sender’s name as parts of the story. This will be in their book collection for years to come.

Baby Gifts: Storybook