6 Adorable Gender Neutral Baby Shower Gifts

Headed to a friend or family member’s baby shower? Although it isn’t as common these days, some parents don’t find out the sex of their baby until he or she is born. Or maybe the parents know but they’ve asked guests to skip the pink and blue. At first thought, you might be worried that you won’t find anything to give as a baby shower gift.

But don’t worry! There are plenty of gender neutral baby shower gifts that any baby (and parent, for that matter) will love. Neutral colors and well-loved themes span across all genders.

1. Hello World Sleep Gown

This new baby is entering a world of possibilities. With your gift of a sleeping gown with a golden “Hello World,” he or she will be sleeping in style. This gown is for 0 to 6 months, so the family’s new addition will be able to wear it to bed right away.

Gender Neutral Baby Shower Gifts: Sleeping Gown

2. Teddy Bear Bank

Teddy bears are universal. And this adorable bear is a bank that can teach baby the value of saving early on. Without gendered pink or blue, it fits in on the shelves of any nursery.

Gender Neutral Baby Shower Gifts: Teddy Bear Bank

3. Cat in the Hat Burp Cloths

Everybody loves The Cat In the Hat. The red, black and white color scheme works for any child. Plus, burp cloths are incredibly useful. The parents will be thanking you for getting them something that will get a lot of use. They even come with a reusable clear plastic carrying case.

Gender Neutral Baby Shower Gifts: Burp Cloths

4. Elephant Blanket and Rattle Set

So soft and fluffy! There’s a good chance that whatever lucky baby gets this elephant-themed blanket and rattle set will be carrying both around for months or even years. The gray makes this a great gift for any gender – and great decor for any nursery!

Gender Neutral Baby Shower Gifts: Blanket and Rattle

5. Hand and Footprints Frame

Once the baby enters the world and is cleaned, measured and weighed, the nurses at the hospital will be taking adorable foot and hand prints. Get the parents this white frame so they have something precious to put them in. It will look great on the nursery wall.

Gender Neutral Baby Shower Gifts: Frame

6. Bundle of Joy Baby Clothes Gift Basket

Just because you don’t know the sex of the baby doesn’t mean you can’t get the little one a bunch of baby clothes. This gift basket has it all: a bib, gown, onesie, cap and more! And best of all? It’s in neutral shades of green.

Gender Neutral Baby Shower Gifts: Baby Clothes