6 Adorable Baby Shower Cakes

A baby shower is a celebration of a life about to start on its grand adventure. What better way to start that adventure than with a memorable baby shower cake. Sure, you could go the traditional route and get a cake shaped like the mama’s baby bump, but perhaps you want something a bit more sophisticated or artistic. In that case, you’ll love these adorable baby shower cakes. They’re almost too adorable to eat…Almost!

1. Baby Girl Stork Cake

Storks are classic when it comes to baby shower themes. If you’re going for a conventional baby shower, then you’ll love this cake. It has a “Baby Girl” garland and soft pinks appropriate for a baby girl’s shower. Plus, it is topped with buttercream frosting instead of fondant, so it’ll be extra tasty.

Adorable Baby Shower Cakes

Little Hunnys Cakery

2. Woodland Nature Cake

Are the new parents having a woodland baby shower or nursery? Perhaps they’re covering the new baby’s room in stuffed owls and a birch motif. In that case this rustic tiered cake is a must. Each tier is unique, and it has an adorable little owl on the topmost tier. Looking for a useful baby shower favor to match? A teapot whisk would do!

Adorable Baby Shower Cakes

But a Dream Custom Cakes

3. Gold and Green Baby Shoes Cake

Sometimes you want a traditional cake design with a bit of flair. This cake features edible baby shoes as a cake topper, but the color scheme is where things get fun. One tier is a sea foam green while the other is a shiny, show-stopping gold.

Adorable Baby Shower Cakes: Green and Gold

Fluffy Thoughts Cakes

4. Powder Blue Elephant Cake

Elephants are a trendy theme these days. Whether it’s a Dumbo-inspired baby shower or the little one has a circus nursery, elephants are an adorable choice for a baby shower cake. This one has a elephant on top holding a cute stuffed animal in its trunk. You could also use these elephant-shaped candles for table lighting that matches the cake.

Adorable Baby Shower Cakes: Elephant

Royal Bakery

5. Rustic Blue Cake

Naked, rustic cakes are all the rage these days. In addition to having that scraped look for every tier, there are also drips of frosting to match a boy’s baby shower. There will be a line to taste this cake!

Adorable Baby Shower Cakes: Rustic

Beverly’s Bakery

6. Celestial Moon Cake

Does the impending baby have a moon and stars-themed nursery to look forward to? This subtle, beautiful baby shower cake goes along with that celestial theme. The moon, stars and clouds are just magnificent. Pick up some moon and stars coasters to set on the tables as well.

Adorable Baby Shower Cakes: Moon Cake

Laura and Virna