56-Year-Old Mom Gives Daughter A Phenomenal Baby Gift–Triplets!

pregnant_stomach.jpgHere’s a mom who knows where the best baby gifts come from! The hot newborn news recently is all about the 56-year-old woman in Wooster, OH (and I DO mean oh!) who gave birth to three babies she carried as a surrogate mother for her daughter, Kim. Though they were two months premature and weighed less than three pounds each, the infants and their grandma are doing well.

Jaci Dalenberg offered to become a surrogate mother for her daughter and her husband while they were waiting to adopt. Using in vitro fertilization, the couple’s embryos were implanted in Dalenberg’s uterus, and the two identical twins and their sister were delivered by Cesarean section October 11. Oddly, no one is reporting whether the identical twins were boys or girls.

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And to all surrogate mothers, congratulations on giving the best baby gift of all! You rock!