5 Unique Animal Baby Shower Themes

Hello, expectant mothers and well-intentioned friends! If you’re planning a baby shower soon, you’re likely going down a long and winding to-do list. One of the very first decisions you have to make? The baby shower theme! A quick and easy–and adorable!–theme is that of animals. But what animal should you choose? Read on for 5 unique animal baby shower themes.

Yellow Stork Delivers Baby Diaper Cake from The Corner Stork

One animal always comes to mind when there are babies involved: the stork! If you want your baby shower to have a classic theme, then go with this baby-delivering bird.

"Sweet as Can Bee" Baby Bee Place Card Holders from The Corner Stork

Bees are another classic baby shower animal. The whole mommy to “bee” theme has a world of possibilities.

Elephant Rice Krispies Treat Favors from The Corner Stork

Elephants are an adorable animal baby shower theme. Real-life elephants have such a bond with their mothers, it only makes sense!

Just Hoppin' Around Baby Hamper from The Corner Stork

Frogs are becoming more and more popular every year. If you know you’re having a boy, you could even turn this into a frog prince baby shower theme.

Plush Giraffe and Socks from The Corner Stork

What’s cuter than a plush giraffe? Choose the giraffe as your go-to animal if you’re thinking of a safari theme.

What animal will you choose for your baby shower theme?