5 Storybooks to Read to Your Little One

When you think back to your childhood, you likely remember bedtimes stories your parents read you after tucking you into bed. This nightly tradition is a great bonding experience that often leads to a lifelong love of books. As you wait for the arrival of your baby or brainstorm gifts for subsequent birthdays, take this opportunity to build the nursery's library. These books will find a happy home on Baby's bookshelves.

1. My Very Own Name

Names are special, and My Very Own Name will show Baby how special theirs is. Personalize the book with the little one's full name, birth date and more. As you read the book at bedtime, adorable forest animals like an owl and a tiger, will tell a story about their name.

My Very Own Name

2. My Very Own Trucks

Who doesn't love trucks? Read My Very Own Trucks, the tale of your child's truck and other "things that go", and add personalization so your kid can get their name very own name right on the cover. Your little one will be begging you to keep rereading this book to them.

My Very Own Trucks

3. My Very Own Fairy Tale

Perhaps your little one will love magical realms. My Very Own Fairy Tale fits right in with a fairy tale-themed nursery. Personalized with your baby's name, it tells the story of how your little one is loved by everyone in the kingdom. Sweet dreams may be guaranteed after reading this book to your princess at night.

My Very Own Fairy Tale

4. I'm a Big Brother/Sister Gift Sets

Being a big sibling is something special. They're tasked with watching over the family's new addition--a big role for an important person. If a new baby is on the way, give the I'm a Big Brother or I'm a Big Sister gift set. It comes with a storybook that doubles as a coloring book.

I'm a Big Brother


5. Dr. Seuss Gift Basket

Can't decide on just one book? Get a book-filled gift basket instead. The Dr. Seuss gift basket comes with all the classics, including The Cat in the Hat and Are You My Mother? Your book worm will love choosing a different book every day.

Dr. Seuss Gift Basket