5 Princess Gifts for a Pretty Pink Baby Shower

You’ve been invited to a princess-themed baby shower, but you’re not sure what gifts to bring. While you could just go pick up something pink–a popular color for a princess baby shower–why not get the baby something more in line with the royal style?

Read on for our top five picks for adorable princess baby gifts.

Princess Pacifier

Princess Pacifier from The Corner Stork

Every guest at a baby shower has a different budget. If you don’t have a lot of money to spare or you want to create a gift with a bunch of smaller items, consider a princess-themed pacifier. The newborn will be able to use this right away once she enters this world.

Princess Rocking Chair

Royal Rocker Princess from The Corner Stork

Bigger-budget divas, like grandmothers-to-be, might want to splurge for this princess rocking chair. The little princess will have a throne of her own.

Princess Gift Set

Princess Layette Baby Gift Set From The Corner Stork

Sometimes baby gift sets are the way to go when you’re attending a baby shower. This princess-themed gift set comes with a gown, blanket, bear and more.

Personalized Princess Frame from The Corner Stork

Does the happy couple already know the name of their upcoming baby girl? If so, get them a personalized princess photo frame.

Princess Tooth/Curl Treasure Box Set from The Corner Stork

Parenthood is all about creating memories. Get the couple a princess-themed tooth and curl treasure box set so they can keep these baby items as keepsakes.

What will you get for a princess baby shower?