5 Natural Baby Gifts

In addition to snuggling their new arrivals and taking copious amounts of pictures, there’s one big goal that any parent faces when they have a baby: Keeping it safe and healthy. This means baby-proofing their homes, evaluating their food and keeping an eye on small objects like pen caps and pennies.

Another avenue that a discerning parent may go down is that of super soft and cuddly natural products. An added bonus is that these baby items also have a neutral look to them, creating an understated yet chic appearance perfect for a subtle nursery theme.

But what if you want to give natural baby gifts for a baby shower or first birthday? If you’re stumped on gifts, we’ve compiled some of our favorites.

1. Welcome Home Gift Set

A lot of thought goes into what a baby will wear home from the hospital. Take out some of the guess work by giving the parents this welcome home gift set. The body suit, bib, blanket and mittens are all made out of rayon crafted from real bamboo. Plus, it comes with an adorable beige bunny rabbit to keep the little one company on the drive home from the hospital.

Welcome Home Gift Set | 5 Natural Baby Gifts | Corner Stork Baby Gifts

2. Bamboo Bunny Feeding Set

Bamboo isn’t just for fabric. This feeding set, emblazoned with happy bunnies, is also made out of the natural plant. The five-piece set comes with a plate, bowl, cup, spoon and fork. Each are covered in a subtle green and beige color palette with “Eat, Love, Play” and “Eat, Love, Grow.” The plate is even shaped like one big bunny rabbit.

Natural Baby Feeding Set | 5 Natural Baby Gifts | Corner Stork Baby Gifts

3. Rocking Horse Gift Set

The “natural” design aesthetic also extends to wood. This custom made wood rocking horse has a natural finish to make it a timeless piece that will be handed down for generations. The gift set also comes with items featuring a teddy bear motif and personalization with the baby’s name.

Rocking Horse Gift Set | 5 Natural Baby Gifts | Corner Stork Baby Gifts

4. Baby Bunny Hooded Spa Robe

Of course, the baby will need something soft to wear straight out of the bath. Get the little one this baby bunny hooded spa robe. The super soft cotton robe features natural colors, a baby applique and a hood with bunny ears. So cute!

Natural Baby Hooded Spa Robe | 5 Natural Baby Gifts | Corner Stork Baby Gifts

5. Baby Bunny Pajamas

Don’t forget about bedtime! Dress the baby up in this adorable baby bunny pajama set. The soft rayon, made from bamboo, is found in the footed pajamas, cap and mittens.

Natural Baby Pajamas | 5 Natural Baby Gifts | Corner Stork Baby Gifts