5 Gifts for Baby’s First Christmas

There are certain milestones that you celebrate with your baby. The first steps they take, their first tooth and the first time they eat solid food. Another milestone happens around this time every year: baby’s first Christmas.

Whether it’s your baby, or a friend or family member’s, we’ve come up with some good gifts to get the little one on this occasion!

Baby's First Christmas: Personalized Christmas Book

My Very Merry Christmas Book from The Corner Stork

Like to read to your little one? Get a personalized baby book all about his first Christmas. Since it has his name, it’ll likely be a cherished item for years to come.

Baby's First Christmas: Gift Basket

“Baby’s First Christmas” Gift Basket from The Corner Stork

If you’re giving a gift, a gift basket is always a good choice. This one comes with a teddy bear, bodysuit, burp cloth and bib–all inside a cute basket.

Baby's First Christmas: Stocking Set

Personalized Christmas Stocking Set from The Corner Stork

Now that there’s a new addition to the family, she’s going to need a stocking of her own. This personalized Christmas stocking set comes with a personalized stocking, burp pad and bib.

Baby's First Christmas Ornament

“My First Christmas” Ornament from The Corner Stork

Don’t forget about the Christmas tree! A personalized ornament is a good way to commemorate your baby’s first Christmas.

Baby's First Christmas: Wagon Gift Set

Christmas Welcome Wagon from The Corner Stork

If you really want to go out, you could get your little one something she can use once the weather gets warm. This first Christmas gift set comes with a wagon!

How will you be celebrating your baby’s first Christmas?