5 Fun Ways to Decorate a Pirate Baby Nursery

You could go for a cutesy nursery full of stuffed elephants and cloud paintings, but perhaps that’s a bit too soft for your impending swashbuckler. Instead, celebrate your little one with a pirate baby nursery. Stumped on decorating ideas? Full sail ahead for the best inspirations this side of the seven seas!

A Pirate Ship Crib

Pirate Baby Nursery: Ship Crib

Photo Credit: Marie’s Manor

Why have a boring old crib when you can turn baby’s nighttime retreat into a pirate ship? Keep the sail against the wall and don’t forget the pirate flag.

A Pirate Quilt

Pirate Baby Nursery: Pirate Quilt

Photo Credit: AlphabetMonkey

Speaking of the crib, this adorable pirate quilt will keep your baby warm. So cute!

A Secret Treasure Map

Map Wall Decal in Nursery | Stencil Barcelona

Photo Credit: Stencil Barcelona

While you could go the cliché route for waves or an island on the walls, but this world map is a much better choice. Maybe it points out a secret treasure!

A Customized Ship’s Wheel

Pirate Baby Nursery: Ship Wheel

Photo Credit: Hostess With the Mostess

Why not incorporate a ship’s wheel on the wall, too? Put your little one’s initial in there to personalize the helm.

A Wavy Rug

Pirate Baby Nursery: Wave Rug

Photo Credit: Rebecca Jill Photography

Don’t forget the floor! This plush wave rug will make your baby feel like he or she is on the open seas.

How will you decorate your pirate baby nursery?