5 Fun Spring Baby Shower Decorations

Spring is coming and you’re getting your home ready for the new arrival. If you’re due in late spring or summer, you’ll likely have a spring baby shower. If so, check out these fun decoration ideas that tie in this bright and colorful season.

Spring Baby Shower Decorations: Flower Watering Can

Image via Ruffled

Flowers are a great way to decorate a spring baby shower. Incorporate them into everything, including stuffing them into an old-fashioned watering can.

Spring Baby Shower Decorations: Colorful Vases

Image via Brit + Co

Incorporate splashes of color by adding drops of food coloring to glass vases. They could act as table centerpieces.

Spring Baby Shower Decorations: Balloons

Image via Babble

Or, wrap flowers and leaves around the strings of balloons. These little touches make a lot of difference.

Spring Baby Shower Decorations: Branches

Image via Project Nursery

Branches are another good DIY decoration for a spring baby shower.

Spring Baby Shower Decorations: Butterfly Garlands

Image via KLA Styling

If you want to make your own decorations, you could always cut out butterfly shapes from scrapbooking paper and hang them like garlands.

How will you decorate your spring baby shower?