5 Fun Sibling Gifts for the Big Brother or Big Sister

When you’re having a baby, your entire world is flipped upside down. Everything changes. But that isn’t just for you, the parents. That’s also the case for any of the children that already make up your adorable family. They’ll be affected by the upcoming birth as well.

5 Fun Sibling Gifts

Image via sean dreilinger

A great way to make your children feel better about a new baby is to give sibling gifts. These gifts not only let your kids know about the new addition, but they also show that they’re still an important part of your life. Read on for 5 fun sibling gifts for your little ones.

  1. Sibling jewelry. A piece of jewelry is a great way to show appreciation for the big sibling–especially if they are five years old or older. A pendant with “big sister” engraved on it can be a heartwarming choice.
  2. Hospital bag. If you haven’t had the new baby yet, consider creating a hospital bag especially for the sibling. Put in fun things for them to do while in the waiting room, like books and games. Don’t forget snacks and an extra change of clothes.
  3. Scrubs. Speaking of extra clothes, a fun way to include the sibling on birth day is to get them children’s scrubs. They can wear them in the hospital to feel like they’re a part of the event.
  4. Recordable story book. This gift is for both the sibling and the new arrival. Have the big brother or sister read along to a recordable story book. It’ll be their gift to the new baby and will create lasting memories.
  5. Commemorative photograph. A professional photograph is a great way to commemorate your child’s entrance into siblinghood. Once the baby arrives, have them pose for a photo. You could even put the sibling in a “big brother” or “big sister” t-shirt for the picture.

What will you get the big sister or big brother?