5 Fun New Books for Babies and Toddlers

Some of the best bonding moments for a baby and his parents is when they get to read to him. Imagine holding your baby in your arms in a rocking chair as you read a fun book aloud. Even as he grows, he will have those beloved memories.

Not sure what books to get your baby? New books come out every year and it can be hard to figure what’s good. Read on for our list of great books for two-year-olds and younger that came out in the last year.

When you want a book to be a whole experience, choose Tickle by Leslie Patricelli. As you read the book to your toddler, you can tickle him just like the baby in the book. The more energy you put into the reading, the better!

Raising a baby means that you teach her all about the world. You also teach her about her own body, and Ten Tiny Toes by Caroline Jayne Church can help you with that task.

Not only should a good kids book have a fun story, but it should also teach something to the child. End of the Rainbow Fruit Salad by Marianne Welsh not only teaches your child to count to ten, but it also teaches him about food. You’ll be raising a little chef in no time!

Expressions of love are important to a child’s development. You can say you love your little one and read a book at the same time with I Love You to the Moon by Elizabeth Bennett.

What about the daddies out there? Pick up Always Daddy’s Princess by Karen Kingsbury so papa has something to read to his little daughter.

Which one will you pick up?