5 Fun and Creative Baby Shower Cupcakes

Cupcakes are a great way to provide a sweet treat to those attending a fun baby shower–especially when the event is open house. Do you want to provide a handheld dessert, but still want it to be in the spirit of the event? Then read on for 5 great ideas for creative baby shower cupcakes.

Creative Baby Shower Cupcakes: Footprint Cupcakes

Image via Love to Know

Little footprints are just about the most adorable things ever. This is especially good for a footprint-themed baby shower, but it can work for any theme.

Creative Baby Shower Cupcakes: Pacifier Cupcakes

Image via CakeCentral

What’s an item that you always think of when it comes to babies? The pacifier! Make pacifiers out of fondant for your cupcakes, and they’ll become adorable treats.

Creative Baby Shower Cupcakes: Baby Food Cupcakes

Image via Edible Crafts

Have you heard of cakes in a jar? Step it up on notch and serve your baby shower cupcakes in baby food jars.

Creative Baby Shower Cupcakes: Baby Girl Cupcakes

Image via Culinary Couture

Announcing your baby’s gender at the baby shower? Do so with some “Baby Girl” or “Baby Boy” cupcakes.

Creative Baby Shower Cupcakes: Peas in a Pod

Image via Sweetopia

You can’t get much more adorable than peas-in-a-pod cupcake toppers. So cute!

How will you decorate your baby shower cupcakes?