5 Cute Ways to Decorate an Elephant Themed Nursery

Whether you’re looking to channel Disney’s Dumbo or you’re just a super big fan of the lovable circus animal, an elephant themed nursery is a great way to go. The gentle giant provides a fun atmosphere, and the gray color palette is good for any gender.

If you’re thinking about going elephant for your little one’s nursery, read on. We’ve got some super cute ideas for your elephant themed nursery.

A Cute Plush

Ekko the Elephant Plush Rattle Lovie | Corner Stork Baby Gifts

This little elephant plush lovie is perfect for cuddling with baby, and it’s a cute addition to the crib.

Elephant Themed Nursery

Image via Chic.Home.Baby

Even better, you could get this elephant plush that acts as a chair. How cute is that?

Fun Wall Art

Elephant Themed Nursery

Image via My Running Thoughts

Don’t forget the walls. You could make this elephant button art yourself with just some buttons, glue and a nice frame.

A Pretty Hamper

Elephant Themed Nursery: Laundry Basket

Image via Project Nursery

Dirty clothes have to go somewhere. Why not in a wicker laundry basket in the shape of an elephant?

A Little Light

Elephant Themed Nursery: Night Light

Image via LilysLights

Night lights are a must for a nursery. You can provide some pretty light and tie in the nursery’s theme with this elephant night light.

How will you decorate your elephant nursery?