5 Cute Hot Air Balloon Nursery Decorations

Nursery themes are a dime a dozen. If you’re having trouble picking out a theme, why not consider a hot air balloon nursery! It’s gender neutral and creates some super cute designs.

Need a little inspiration for this adventurous nursery theme? Read on for our favorite hot air balloon decorations.

Hot Air Balloon Nursery: Hot Air Balloon Mobile

Image via Lovely Symphony

The mobile is the perfect place for some hot air balloons. Your little one can gaze up at the balloons during nap time.

Hot Air Balloon Nursery: Wall Art

Image via Chic Wall Art

Wall art is a must. Tie in the adventurous theme with some cute framed pictures.

Hot Air Balloon Nursery: Button Art

Image via 724 South House

Or, you could make wall art yourself by using colorful buttons to create a hot air balloon shape.

Hot Air Balloon Nursery: Paper Lanterns

Image via Alina

You need light, right? Why not use paper lanterns in the shape of hot air balloons?

Hot Air Balloon Nursery: Wallpaper

Image via Little Hands

If you really want to go all out, apply a wallpaper featuring this adventurous theme, like the one pictured above.

How will you decorate your hot air balloon nursery?