5 Bento Boxes That Your Child Will Love

As a parent, you’re in charge of just about everything that your little one does–and that includes what they eat. As soon as they turn old enough to eat solid foods without creating an immense mess, you can make packed lunches that are truly scrumptious.

Starting at toddler age, why not feed your kids with bento boxes? Bento boxes are lunch boxes popularized in Japan. In addition to being filled with yummy, delicious food, they also make the treats look incredibly appetizing. You can take them with you on a picnic lunch or use them just to make a regular meal that much more interesting.

If you’re thinking of making these for your kids, read on for 5 inspiring bento boxes.

Image via BestMetabolicCooking

It can often be hard to get kids to eat their vegetables. If you have a picky eater, create cut-out shapes from carrots, cucumbers and melons to make it more fun to eat.

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While the best-looking bento boxes are in all one compartment, sometimes you don’t want certain foods to touch. In this case, you can use silicone baking cups to separate them in style.

Image via Biting the Hand That Feeds You

If you don’t have a lot of time to make a fancy bento meal–after all, little kids are a lot of work–use last night’s leftovers as the main dish.

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When you have a bit of extra time, create your kid’s favorite character with your food. You can find examples and instructions online for just about any character.

Why not make holidays even more special? For instance, this Halloween bento box has not-so-scary monsters to tie in the theme.

What will you put in your bento boxes?