5 Baby Shower Balloon Trends To Try

Balloons are making a big statement at parties and showers these days, so today we’re sharing some baby shower balloon trends for you to try out at your next celebration! From colorful to unique, there’s a style that will fit your theme.

 1. Clean White Garlands

Your party doesn’t have to be full of color to take advantage of the balloon trend. Create a balloon garland and mix in sprigs of greenery for a clean and festive decor piece. Pair it with a few other simple garlands for a photo backdrop or a full wall installation that makes an impact at your party.

2. Frame It Out

Balloons are a great way to add a pop of color to your wall, especially when you use them to frame out a big piece of artwork or banner. Arrange the balloons in various colors and sizes around your art piece for a display that’s colorful and adorable.

Match your balloons to the colors in the print, the props, and decor on your tables or the colors in your sweet treats! It’ll make your theme cohesive and great for photos.

3. Spelling Fun

When in doubt, spell it out! Gold mylar letter balloons are making an appearance at all of the popular parties these days. This makes them easy to find and fun to use in your decor. Spell out fun sayings, your baby-to-be’s name, or the theme of your baby shower.

Add them to a wall or float them in the air above other balloons, decor, florals, or greenery for a look that makes a statement. These are a must-have for your next party!

4. Simple Elegance

Balloons don’t have to take the main stage in your baby shower decor, they can create a simple statement. Large, round white balloons with greenery inside of them make a beautiful display at a rustic, minimalistic, or modern party. Pair them together and display them in the entryway, at the dessert table, or on the mama-to-be’s chair to create instant impact and simple elegance.

5. An Outstanding Statement

Looking to go all out for your baby shower? Make a big statement with a beautiful balloon display. Pink, white, peach, and champagne colored balloons strung together in a long garland look beautiful when displayed in an entryway, above a display table, or on a blank wall. To make your balloon decor pop, add in some pieces of fern, monstera, or silver dollar eucalyptus.

Your guests and mama-to-be will be impressed and in love with your baby shower balloon displays, whatever style you choose.

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