5 Animal-Themed Diaper Cakes For The Perfect Baby Shower Gift

Diaper cakes are the biggest must-have for any baby shower. After all, they’re a cute way to give something so practical to the new parents. And if you can give them a cute stuffed animal in the process, they’ll be even happier.

1. Stork Diaper Cake

You can’t talk about baby shower animals without mentioning a stork! This big-billed bird will be bringing the new baby to this world, right? Why not get a stork-themed diaper cake? It comes with a stuffed stork and a personalized bib.

Diaper Cakes: Stork

2. Elephant Diaper Cake

Are the parents having a circus-themed baby shower or a safari nursery? Then an elephant diaper cake is a smart choice. It has both practical diapers and an adorable stuffed elephant.

Diaper Cakes: Elephant

3. Lamb Diaper Cake

This lamb diaper cake comes with a lot more than diapers and a stuffed lamb. It has baby grooming supplies, including a tiny manicure set, that the new parents might not even realize they need.

Diaper Cakes: Lamb

4. Giraffe Diaper Cake

Booties, washcloths, blankets, diapers and a stuffed giraffe–this diaper cake has it all.

Diaper Cakes: Giraffe

5. Twin Giraffes Diaper Cake

What if the new parents are having twins? There’s a diaper cake for them, too! This twin giraffes cake lets you choose the genders of the twin babies for a perfectly colored diaper cake.

Diaper Cakes: Twin Giraffes