5 Alternative Colors For Your Nursery

Some parents go for the obvious when painting and decorating their baby’s room: blue for boys and pink for girls. But what if you don’t know the sex of your upcoming child? Or perhaps you know their gender, but you don’t want to choose such a cliche color for the nursery. Read on for five alternate colors you can use in decorating your baby nursery.


Image via Charm Home

Orange accents are a great way to add brightness to a baby room. If orange walls seem a bit much, paint the walls in a neutral color–like gray or beige–and use orange as an accent color.

Image via Baby Lifestyles

Yellow is the go-to color for parents who don’t know the sex of their baby. Take this one step further by using gold. Gold accents add a decadent flair to the nursery.

Image via The Bump

If you’re having a boy and you still want the room to be masculine without resorting to blue, go for emerald instead. This deep jewel tone will add some comfort to the nursery. Pair it with darker wood colors and you’ve really got something special!

Image via BluLabel Bungalow

Radiant Orchid is the official Pantone color of the year for 2014. This vibrant purple/fuchsia adds some serious brightness and color to a baby’s room.

Image via Decorative Bedroom

Beige doesn’t have to be boring! This neutral color helps your decorations stand out. Use beige when you’d rather add pops of color with accent pillows and picture frames.

What color will you use in your baby’s nursery?