4 Super Cute Baby Bathrobes for Your Little One

When you’re a parent, there’s never an end to the cuteness that unfolds when you have a baby. If you want to make bath time even cuter–especially the time after a bath–why not try a super cute baby bathrobe?

While these cute bathrobes have function as a way to dry off your little one, they also have one important cute factor: they make your baby look like an adorable little animal.

"Let the Fin Begin" Terry Shark Robe via The Corner Stork

“Rawr!” Does your baby like to play with sharks in the bath? Get him this cute shark bathrobe. The edges of the hood feature little white teeth.

"Hug-alot-amus" Hooded Hippo Robe via The Corner Stork

If purple is your baby’s favorite color, try the hippo bathrobe. This robe will make a giggling baby look that much sweeter.

"My Little Night Owl" Green Hooded Robe via The Corner Stork

Owls are super in right now. If you want your baby to follow this adorable trend, get her an owl bathrobe. Hoot!

"Big Top Bath Time" Lion Hooded Rove via The Corner Stork

It doesn’t get much cuter than a lion bathrobe. It’s perfect for a rambunctious baby.

Which one fits the personality of your baby the best?