4 Precious Piggy Banks

Piggy banks are a classic gift for any occasion: whether it be a baby shower or birthday gift for a boy or girl. Your little nugget is sure to enjoy it as much as you did when you were a tiny lad! Who said these precious piggy banks only look like pigs? We’ve taken this traditional concept and made fun and creative designs. From narwhals to globes, your little explorer will be thoroughly entertained while saving money for his college fund. You’ll definitely be itching to get yourself a piggy bank once you see what we have in store!

Little Explorer Globe Porcelain Bank

Let’s go globetrotting with Baby Aspen’s Little Explorer Globe Porcelain Bank. This vibrant porcelain bank will make an adventurer out of any boy or girl. You can use it for teaching your little one to save money while igniting their passion for travel. Show them where they live and let them imagine flying over the Atlantic Ocean. This world globe piggy bank will put an ear-to-ear smile on any kiddo’s face.

Little Explorer Globe Porcelain Bank | 4 Precious Piggy Banks | Corner Stork Baby Gifts

Bunny Porcelain Bank

How precious is this snowy white Bunny Porcelain Bank? All kids love animals and yours will be delighted with this gift. This sweet bunny bank is great for gifting at a baby shower and the Mommy-to-be will be gushing from its cuteness. It’s also a favorite amongst Easter gifts for your little niece, nephew, or grandbaby. Put some coins in their plastic eggs and gift them this bunny bank, you’ll definitely be upgraded to the favorite Aunt!

Bunny Porcelain Bank | 4 Precious Piggy Banks | Corner Stork Baby Gifts

Narwhal Porcelain Bank

Did you know narwhals are the unicorn of the sea? Gift this enchanting Narwhal Porcelain Bank to the tiny unicorn in your life. This coin bank is trendy and unique. The ombre aqua colors and the gold-accented horn will add a stylish flare to any kids’ room. Whether it’s your little one’s 5th birthday or his 10th, this coin bank will excite kids of any age. Move over baby shark, the baby narwhal is taking over!

Narwhal Porcelain Bank | 4 Precious Piggy Banks | Corner Stork Baby Gifts

Dollhouse Porcelain Bank

Every doll needs a dollhouse! And every princess wants a beautiful castle she can call her own. This Dollhouse Porcelain Bank is a must-have for your little beauty. She’ll need a fun accessory to add to her room while she calls her friends over for playdates. Why not teach her and her friends that they can have a dollhouse and save their coins at the same time? This beautifully crafted heirloom quality coin bank can be passed down from one sibling to the next and even kept as a precious keepsake.

Dollhouse Porcelain Bank | 4 Precious Piggy Banks | Corner Stork Baby Gifts