4 Fun Ways to Dress Up Your Baby’s Stroller for Halloween

Halloween costumes can be so much fun to buy or make for your little ones! There are so many adorable costumes for you to dress your baby up for his or her first Halloween.

However, if your little one is still on the brink of walking, it doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all the Halloween festivities.  There are creative ways to dress up your babies stroller so he or she will be able to join in on all the fun!

Here are some ideas to inspire you to get creative with your baby and his or her stroller on Halloween!

1. Baby Doll


Your little one might already look like an adorable doll, so why not incorporate that into his or her Halloween stroller costume!  Cabbage Patch dolls are just one variety to choose from.  You could easily create your own unique baby doll in a box!

2. Driver Baby


What would be more fun than for your baby to be behind the wheel of his or her very own stroller car!  Your stroller costume could be a UPS truck, a police car, sport car, Scooby Doo van, Bat Mobile, or anything you can think of!

3. Flower Child


If you love flowers and so does your little one, then why not transform his or her stroller into a flower-mobile?  This garden-themed stroller costume is sure to be a blast to decorate and even more fun to wheel around your upcoming Halloween bash!

4. Star Wars


This Mommy or Daddy got a little extra creative and made this Star Wars themed stroller costume for their little boy.  If you want to be the talk of the party then you could go above and beyond with your imagination!