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4 Creative Ways to Upcycle Used Baby Food Jars

Baby food containers certainly accumulate when you are feeding your little ones yummy jars of baby food on a regular basis.  While most people recycle their baby food containers, those containers can actually be re-used in many different ways.

Rather than recycling your baby food jars consider upcycling them and creating fun, crafty pieces of art for you and your friends to enjoy!

Here are four creative, clever ways to upcycle your glass baby food containers.

1.  Favor Jars

You can re-use your baby food jars as containers for candy or treats to give out as favors to friends and family.

2.  Flower Vase

Glass baby food jars make great vases that can be incorporated into a lovely piece of wall art!

3.  Glass Chandelier

This recycled baby food glass jar chandelier is so elegant!

4.  Candle Holder

Tissue paper decorated baby food jars make perfect little candle holders!