4 Clever Travel Tips for Moms

The holiday season is near, and that means it’s time to start planning family road trips! It can be difficult to travel with little ones, especially long distances, so moms need every travel tip they can get! Try these four clever travel tips that’ll help your trip to go a lot smoother.

1. Use a Shoe Organizer for Supplies

Keep all your little one’s supplies handy with a shoe organizer strapped to the back of your seat.

Shoe Organizer in Car for Kid's Toys and Supplies | marthastewart.comSource: marthastewart.com

2. Cover Car Seats With Sheets

No need to worry about a mess in the seat. Just shake off the sheet when you get to your destination.

Sheet on Car Seat | Kids Activities BlogSource: Kids Activities Blog

3. Spill-proof Your Kid’s Cups

Put a crazy straw upside down into any drink container so that you don’t have to worry about spillage.

Crazy Straw for Spill Proof Drink | by @tabid via InstagramSource: @tabid on Instagram via Popsugar.com

4. Keep Toys Handy

Use a shower caddy with suction cups to hang on the window next to your little one’s car seat so that toys, activity books, and other items are within hand’s reach.

Shower Caddy Car Organizer | Amber Waves of GrainSource: Amber Waves of Grain

What are some of your favorite traveling hacks? Share them with us in the comments!