3 Tips for Taking Great Holiday Baby Photos

As new parents, you’re likely clamoring to capture your baby’s first few Christmases. You want to show her in her best Christmas dress or seated next to the Christmas tree.

Holiday Baby Photos

Image via CaptBrando

Whether you’re taking the pictures yourself or you’re hiring a professional photographer to do the job for you, follow these three tips for creating great holiday baby photos.

  1. Pick the best time of day for your baby. By now, you know when he’s the least finicky. When is he both awake, yet calm? Schedule that time for your photo session.
  2. If you can, don’t do it on the holiday in question. When you have out-of-town family at your home, or you’re bustling around trying to make sure everything is perfect, this stress can affect your baby. She might cry a bit more or be a lot less willing to sit still for photos. If you can, schedule the photos for a different day.
  3. Stay where your baby is comfortable. New surroundings can be scary for a baby. Bringing him to a studio might make it hard to get a good shot once the camera is out. Many photographers will come to the client’s home for shots like these, and that will mean your baby is a lot more comfortable for the portrait session.

If you follow these rules, you should come away with some amazing holiday baby photos!