3 Reasons to Do Yoga With Your Baby

Have you heard of postnatal yoga? Yoga is a great way to get fit after having your baby, but you don’t have to be doing it alone. Why not invite your little one into the mix?


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Chances are there are several yoga classes in your area where babies are encouraged to come. If you’re thinking of doing yoga with your baby, but aren’t sure if it’s right for you both, check out these reasons to go for it!

  1. It’s a fun way to get fit! According to SELF Magazine, yoga has tons of health benefits. It’ll help you sleep better, decrease lower back pain and give you a better outlook on life–all necessary for a happy mom.
  2. Bonding time with your baby! We’ve all heard how important physical contact is for the bond between mommy and baby. With postnatal yoga’s fun moves, you’re adding dynamic contact with your baby, and that’s some seriously beneficial bonding time.
  3. You can forget about the babysitter! Some moms avoid going to the gym or workout classes because they can’t find a sitter to take care of their little one. You can’t use that excuse with postnatal yoga! Give your sitter a break and include your baby in your workout routine.

Kids grow up fast. Enroll in postnatal yoga now before your baby grows out of this fun fitness class.