2009’s Five Cutest Baby Shower Favors!

And they’re already here! Top-tier favor designer Kate Aspen’s baby shower favors take another step up in sweetness and style this year, and you can be the first to share them with your guests when you host your next baby shower. You might even want to tell your friends to get busy making babies so you can cement your status as party-planner extraordinaire! Let’s take a look!

nest-egg-soap.jpgThis is one of my favorites—“The Nest Egg” Scented Soap in a realistic, little nest (left.) Not only is it an enchanting baby shower favor, it sends an important message to all new parents: Start saving now, because it’s only going to get more expensive as the tiny bundle of joy grows. College alone is going to blow a sizable hole in your bank account.

sweet-as-can-bee-honey-pot.jpg There’s going to be some great buzz about the “Sweet As Can Be” Ceramic Honey Pot with its wooden dipper (right.)  We’re talking about Kate Aspen-designed baby shower favors here, so you automatically know the gift-packaging is going to be too cute for words. This honey of a favor has a precious Mama Bee and Baby Bee on the front of the gift box, and they’re dripping with adorable!

about-to-pop-favor-box.jpg If you throw a circus-themed baby shower or a movie theme like “Baby’s Day Out,” here’s the perfect favor!  The “About to Pop!” Popcorn Favor Box looks just like the red-and-white popcorn boxes you find just about everywhere, and they’re ready to be filled with something sweet–or something else. I think it would be cool to fill the boxes with unpopped popcorn, so your guests can pop up a bowl of this super snack at home.

new-baby-on-block-sticky-notes.jpgI hope you’re taking notes, because these are truly winners in the baby-shower-favor department. And speaking of taking notes, be sure to write down the “Take Note! New Baby on the Block!” Sticky Notes favor on the right. C’mon, now! How clever is this design! It’s practical, and it works for a boy, a girl or a gender to be named later. It says “Take Note!” on each sticky note, and the box even gives your guests the first four letters of the alphabet to help them out when they get stuck!

about-to-hatch-egg-whisk.jpg That brings us to number five in my list of 2009’s top baby shower guest gifts. Kate Aspen began the “About to Hatch” collection some time ago with a kitchen timer and an absolutely adorable salt-and-pepper shaker. This year, the premier favor designer introduces the “About to Hatch” Egg Whisk, and it not only helps bake the cake, it takes the cake! Look at the sweet face on that little chick! You simply can’t imagine what an ego boost it is to have a dozen or two women compliment you on your ability to find a cleverly gift-boxed, completely unique baby shower favor. I had that experience last June when I hosted the Let’s Cook for Cari baby shower for my niece (who is now the proud Mom of Emerson Rose!) We prepared and packaged more than two weeks worth of ready-to-cook dinners. Guests received the “Bun in the Oven” Cinnamon-Scented Candle. Big hit! I’m thinking “The Nest Egg” for her next venture into motherhood. They’re going to need it!