2008 New Year Baby–The Race is On!

new-year-baby.jpgLet me start by wishing you all a very safe, healthy, happy and prosperous New Year! Like every other year of our lives, it will be a journey of ups and downs meant to be enjoyed–even the downs!

It’s about 1:10PM Eastern as I crank this out, a little less than 11 hours away from what Paul Reiser calls “the one-second” holiday. It’s also the night when every city’s full-term pregnant women, probably already in the hospital–if not in labor–do their best to have their baby as close to one second after 12:00AM as they possibly can. A diaper-load of gifts and goodies from local baby stores await that eager Mom and her punctual baby.

But even if the new Mom in your life misses the midnight mark, you still might want to get a meaningful baby gift for a New Year’s Day baby. Try one of these–

Make the date and baby’s name official with the adorable “Officially Established” bodysuit! And the New Year’s Baby legend holds that the baby is born and grows up within the year, turning over the honor to the next New Year’s Baby at the midnight hour. So the perfect gift for a New Year’s baby would be a clever growth chart! Or what about a six-pack of “high-top sneaker” socks so baby can run through life in style? Make the new year memorable for both Mom and baby–as if  just having the baby won’t make it the most memorable year ever for both Mom and Dad! Happy New Year, everyone!