11 Ideas for a Little Pumpkin Baby Shower

If you’re looking for a fall baby shower theme for a new mom, take advantage of the season and throw a little pumpkin baby shower to celebrate the new little baby!

Decor for your Baby Shower

A little pumpkin baby shower hosted in the month of October seems like a no-brainer because pumpkin decor is everywhere. You’ll have no problem finding cute little banners, baking materials and uniquely colored pumpkins to use in your theme decor.

Consider mixing up the normal pumpkin color palette with some hues of the different pumpkin and gourd colors that have popped up in recent years. Reddish orange, muted teal and ivory colored pumpkins are so much fun to decorate with and bring so many more creative ideas to your little pumpkin baby shower theme.

Sweet Treats

Maybe the best part of a little pumpkin baby shower (and the season for that matter!) are the treats – pumpkin spice everything. For the mama-to-be who can get enough of her pumpkin spice lattes or pumpkin pie, whip up some sweet treats for her and the guests to enjoy during the shower.

Try new twists on old favorites – like pumpkin flavored cupcakes with tiny edible stems in the top of them, pumpkin spice flavored popcorn and whoopie pies with pumpkin cookies and a cream filling.

These pumpkin spice treats are sure to be a hit at your little pumpkin baby shower and will satisfy the new mom’s sweet tooth!

Little Pumpkin Activities

Traditional baby shower games can get a little tacky, so instead of having guests guess what type of candy bar has been melted into a diaper or guess how big mama’s belly is with a piece of string, opt for a fun activity instead.

Because your little pumpkin baby shower will be hosted around the time of pumpkin decorating season, why not have each guest decorate a pumpkin for the new mom-to-be? Instead of carving, have a variety of decorating ideas for guests to choose from. Then, have tables set up with everything they’d need to decorate their pumpkins – pom poms, paint, brads, washi tape, glue – the options are endless.

Once the pumpkins have been decorated, let the new mom keep them to display in her house – it’ll add to her fall decor and she’ll have fun memories of the guests decorating their pumpkins and gathering together for the new baby.

This little pumpkin baby shower is the perfect way to celebrate mom and her new little pumpkin on the way!

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