10 Ideas for a Roaring Dinosaur Birthday Party

There’s no doubt about it, little boys seem to have a fascination with dinosaurs. Their big claws and roars make them fun to imagine playing with. Plan your little man’s birthday around his favorite creature and he’ll have a party he’ll love. Today we’re sharing 10 ideas for a dinosaur birthday party.

A Tropical Dino Escape

If you’re throwing a winter or early spring dinosaur birthday party, add lots of color with tropical leaves cut out of paper to create a colorful and tropical dinosaur escape from the cold. Use these leaves to create a fun garland, a colorful backdrop for the dessert table or paired with baloons for a fun arch for your entryway into the party. The bright colors will set the scene for an exciting dinosuar birthday party.

No Bones About It – It’s Going to be Yummy!

A dinosaur themed birthday party comes with so many fun ideas for sweet treats. Dress up a simple sheet cake with crumbled Oreos and fake dinosaur bones for a birthday cake the kiddos will be really excited about, or add chocolate sauce, dinosaur figurines and crumbled Chips Ahoy cookies to the top of a store-bought cake for a decadent dessert that’s as yummy as it looks. The kids at the party will have so much fun eating dinosaur inspired birthday treats.

Dino-mite Activities

There are so many exciting activities for kids to do at a dinosaur birthday party. Start off by creating dinosaur balloon animals with colorful water balloons, dinosaur heads, tails, arms and legs cut out of paper and straws or wooden dowels – they can chase each other around the room with their homemade dinos.

Next up, dinosaur activity sheets! Dinosaur word searches, coloring pages and game sheets can be printed off and added to clipboards and the kids can choose to use crayons or watercolor paints to play the games or color the sheets. It’s a fun and easy way to keep the kids busy at this dinosaur birthday party.

A dinosaur birthday party isn’t complete without a little bit of an excavation. Put together little kits for the kids to use to dig up ‘dinosaur bones’ and other treats in the sandbox. They’ll feel like they’re uncovering real life bones!

Dino-Inspired Birthday Gifts

If you’re having a dinosaur birthday party, consider getting your little man some dinosaur inspired gifts! New dinosaur figurines are sure to be a hit. You could also order a personalized dinosaur puzzle complete with his name and colorful dinosaur pictures. He’ll love bath time even more when he has a dinosaur hooded bath towel to dry off with. Your dinosaur birthday party will come full circle when he opens dinosaur gifts at his party.

A dinosaur birthday party is a fun way to celebrate a little boy’s big day with all of his friends. With lots of creative ways to celebrate, he’ll have the time of his life!

Dinosaur Birthday Party Collage | 10 Ideas for a Roaring Dinosaur Birthday Party | Corner Stork Baby Gifts

Dinosaur Birthday Party Colors | 10 Ideas for a Roaring Dinosaur Birthday Party | Corner Stork Baby Gifts

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