10 Ideas for a Born to Be Wild Birthday Party

If your little one likes animals, there is no better way to celebrate his birthday than with a Born to Be Wild birthday party! Today we’re sharing ideas for a zoo animal inspired party.

Animal Decor

This party theme is a fun one to decorate for. Bring in tropical plants and burlap linens to create a safari inspired space. Animal tracks painted on the sidewalk with chalk make for the perfect entry, and animal printed invitations and signs will make guests feel like they’re at a party at the zoo.

Wild Treats

Zebra Cakes, animal crackers, peanuts and M&M’s  are all fun foods to feed the little ‘animal’ guests. Sweet treats are the perfect choice for this party, and they’re an excuse to get creative with your sweets!

Wildlife Games

The games for this party can be a lot of fun as well. If they’re old enough, have each guest draw the name of an animal and have them act it out for the guests to guess which one they drew. Pin the tail on the animal is another fun party game. Once the wildlife games are over, have each guest choose an animal mask of their choice to wear for the rest of the party.


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