10 Ideas for a Ballerina Nursery

Most parents have dancing dreams for their little girls, why not let her nursery reflect those dreams! Today we’re sharing 10 ideas for a ballerina nursery she’ll be twirling for.

Sweet Tutus

A ballerina nursery should start and end with a sweet little tutu for your little one to wear. With so many options, you’d be able to find one in every size and just about any color your can imagine. Wear them for dress up or playtime!

Twirling Ballerina Bedding

Her bedding should be fit for ballerina drifting off to sleep. Adorable crib sheets and bedding adorned with pink ballerinas are the perfect option for your little one. Choose a pattern that matches the rest of her room for a cohesive nursery design.

Plush Pink Pillows

Pillows are a wonderful way to add texture or pattern to your nursery. Mix and match different fabrics and finished and use them in all of the comfy spaces. Add a few to the rocking chair, one in the crib for when the baby isn’t sleeping and a few in a little corner reading nook. They’ll add the perfect amount of cozy and color!

Blankets Galore

A ballerina nursery isn’t complete without cozy blankets to make the space soft and snuggly! Opt for a variety of swaddles, crib blankets and larger blankets for any occasion necessary. You can never have too many!

A Closet Full of Cuteness

Maximize your closet space for the cuteness overload that’s sure to happen when you have a baby girl! Make your little one’s closet a versatile space to hold everything she’ll need. A low bar at the bottom is great for hanging clothes and multiple shelves above the rack are perfect for storing blankets, toys, extra diapers and other necessities for baby.

A Pink Rug for a Ballerina Nursery

Warm of the floors of your ballerina nursery with a beautiful rug that matches the theme. Add a little pattern or an extra touch of color with your rug choice too. It’ll be the perfect way to add something extra to the space.

A Cozy Nook

Create a cozy little corner nook in your ballerina nursery for sweet moments with your little one. Set it up with a comfy chair, a little table, a few pillows and a basket of books to read to your little one. You’ll share so many special moments in this space!

Sweet Additions to Her Attire

A ballerina nursery should be filled with clothes and toys to fit the theme! Fill her space with sweet onesies, dresses, bibs, and accessories to have her look the ballerina part.

Your little girl will have the most beautiful space to learn, play and grow in, and it can transition with her through each stage of childhood.

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