Fan Favorites of 2021

Fan Favorites of 2021

When you have so many products to choose from, it can be difficult to find the right thing for you, your baby, or your baby shower. Luckily our fans have done some of the work for you. Here are 10 of the most popular fan favorites of 2021 from the Corner Stork Baby Gifts store. 

1. Woodland Baby Baby Shower and Birthday Party Collection

A woodland baby shower theme features a subtly chic color scheme with adorable baby animals straight from the forest. For this theme, fans loved the matching party collection. Whether it's the premium paper plates or the guest book alternative, they all feature the gorgeous woodland motif.

2. Baby Chef Outfit

Although fans had so many ultra adorable baby outfits to choose from, their favorite was the Baby Chef. The three-piece set comes with a chef's hat, coat, and pants. Best of all, all pieces are comfortable enough for bedtime.


3. Shark Gift Bundle

Of course sharks are a major hit. Of all the shark-themed gifts in the shop, the shark gift bundle was a fan favorite. It comes with a shark hooded spa robe, booties, and a matching bib.


4. Princess Bank

When it comes to nursery décor, everyone loves a good bank. The princess bank was a major hit with fans looking for a baby gift for the nursery. They loved the sturdy porcelain design with white, pink, and silver accents.


5. Fox Hooded Robe

For an extra special bath time, fans loved the fox hooded robe. It's an ultra soft way to dry baby off after the bath. Added bonus: It makes for a great outfit for picture time.


6. Gold Glitter 1st Birthday Décor Kit:

There are so many ways to decorate a first birthday party. Of all the themes in the Corner Stork Baby Gifts store, the gold glittery décor kit was the favorite. All that gold glitter and soft pink makes for a very pretty first birthday.


7. Personalized Storybook

Nothing beats the wonder of seeing your name in your favorite book. When it comes to personalized storybooks, the Snuggle Bunny was a hit. You enter the child's name and birth information to tailor it just for them.

8. Fancy Floral 9-Piece Gift Set

Some of the best baby shower gifts have things for both the parents and the baby. After all, the parents need something to look forward to as well. This Fancy Floral piece was a popular gift set with its plush rabbit and useful canvas tote, among other things.


9. Personalized Growth Chart

Growth charts are a great way to keep track of Baby's milestones as they age. While people often track growth directly on a door frame, you can't take that with you if you move. With an official growth chart, you also have some nice décor to match the nursery.


10. Personalized Stork Delivery Mini Radio Flyer Wagon Gift Basket

Of course, a well-stocked gift basket is always a hit at a baby shower. Fans loved this stork-themed radio flyer gift basket--and the parents definitely appreciate all the useful stuff inside.


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